When an integration company develops a green space for the OFII

In Toulouse, the territorial directorate of the OFII has an outdoor green space. In order to make it useful and pleasant so that it becomes both a place of conviviality and relaxation, making it possible to organise work meetings, receptions and lunches, while respecting nature, the directorate put out to tender various integration companies for its development.

A local authority selected

In response to the request of the territorial directorate, the company Desbals was selected.

Desbals is a local authority, a state-approved integration company working in cleaning and green spaces Specialised in integration, it offers integration contracts through economic activity to people facing social and professional difficulties in its area in Toulouse. It is a signatory of the Diversity Charter and is committed to ecology. The company has opted for “0 phyto”, i.e. no use of synthetic phytosanitary products in the green spaces it develops.

Social integration of refugees through economic activity

In order to carry out its missions, Desbals uses people who are eligible for the Inclusion through Economic Activity (IAE) scheme, and supports them in their social and professional careers with teams of qualified permanent employees.

The company has a certain reputation, associations such as France Horizon or Rugby No Limit Insertion and the Pôle Emploi very regularly place refugee candidates when there are open positions.

It is within this framework that young refugees who have signed the Republican Integration Contract have been recruited by the company.

In 2021, 13 refugees and 3 beneficiaries of subsidiary protection have joined an integration programme. Since the beginning of this year, 47 employees have joined Desbals, 32% of whom are refugees.

3 Sudanese refugees participated in the landscaping of the green space, below, of the OFII territorial directorate in Toulouse.

A great action for the good of all.