Visit to an accomplished return project in Cameroon, which also interests the media

The French Ambassador to Cameroon, Christophe Guilhou, and Pascal Chartrez, Director of the OFII representation in Cameroon, met with Olivier Cyrille Mengue, a beneficiary of OFII’s reintegration assistance, on 21 July.

The objective was to evaluate the implemented project: a fish farm, freshwater fish farming in ponds for commercial use.

This was a vast project that attracted the full attention and satisfaction of these two visitors.

A path strewn with jobs and studies

After arriving in France in 2005, Olivier Cyrille Mengue has worked in a variety of jobs and followed studies that led him to obtain a Brevet de Technicien Supérieur (Advanced Technician’s Certificate) in international trade in 2018. After a training in digital marketing in 2020, without any job opportunities, he decided to return to his country in June 2021 with an idea in mind: create a production unit for marketing freshwater fish. This project, close to his heart, is also an activity that he knows well.

From project to implementation

As he knew about OFII’s reintegration assistance scheme, he presented his project to the OFII representation in Cameroon, opting for a system of using fish farming tanks.

His project was accepted by the selection committee.

The OFII provides financial assistance to Olivier Cyrille Mengue, which allows him to initially acquire two fish farming tanks and then two others. This financial contribution also enabled him to increase the stock of food and improve the site development.

Mr Olivier Cyrille Mengue

Freshwater fish farming tanks

The project is located in a landscaped area of approximately 300m². Part of this area has been used to set up a vegetable garden where fish farm waste is used as manure.

Olivier Mengue is in partnership with several schools, so that his business can be a place of excursion where children can learn about farming and agriculture.

His business is a great success!

It is not surprising that French and English-speaking media present on that day were interested in this beautiful example of an accomplished project.