The territorial directorates of the OFII and its partners in favour of integration

The whole territorial directorates of OFII develop partnerships for the integration of refugees. Here are some examples:

The territorial directorate of Paris offers partnership to signatories of the Republican Integration Contract during the reception visit. The aim of these partnerships is the professional integration of refugees. Thus, the national Accommodation Orientation Pathways to Employment (HOPE) program supports refugees find employment, accommodation and autonomy (see the article on this topic click here).

The territorial directorate is also involved in setting up local partnerships.  Recognised by the prefecture, these training and professional integration organisations know the local economic context. OFII guides refugees as closely as possible to their integration and accommodation needs.

These include, for example, partners such as EDNA (Sustainable Employment for Newcomers) to support the employment of migrant as closed as possible to the needs of companies, SIMPLON for training in digital professions or EMILE, regional device for accommodation.

In Bordeaux, in addition to EDNA, we can enumerate other important partners like the National Agency for Adult Vocational Training (AFPA), « Une voix vers l’emploi » and « Destination emploi ».

Finally, in Besançon, thanks to the program HOPE programme, 150 beneficiaries of international protection have been oriented in the field of construction and public works. A “Unis-Cité” programme was implemented for 10 pairs of young French people and young refugees to develop professional projects or a return to employment.

Finally in the Doubs, the territorial directorate oriented refugees towards the network “Accompaniment, Valorisation, Employment, Skills” (A.V.E.C) which aims to work on access to healthcare, rights, training, employment and accommodation.