The Territorial directorate of the OFII in Besançon establishes a new partnership in home help

Despite the health crisis that has been ongoing for more than a year, the Territorial directorate of the OFII in Besançon is working to develop partnerships.

The idea of bringing together signatories of the Republican Integration Contract who have professional experience in the social, medico-social and health fields and the association was born during an exchange between the Territorial Director of OFII in Besançon and the human resources manager of ELIAD “Ensemble pour le lien et l’innovation dans l’aide à domicile” (Together for bonds and innovation in home help), an association of home help and care services, which operates in the Doubs and Haute-Saône.

Thus, migrant women aged 28 to 48, who have in common a professional activity in the field of health (nurse, nursery nurse, extracurricular assistant) in their country of origin but do not have the possibility to have their diploma recognized in France, will be able to integrate ELIAD.

The association is committed to supporting them so that they can evolve, with possible recourse to training and validation of prior experience (VAE). It also helps employees by lending them bicycles or paying for public transport passes.

For these women, this proposal will allow them to go back to work, to acquire experience in France while fulfilling their vocation to help others.