The territorial Directorate in Rennes: integration inclusion in Bretagne

The territorial directorate in Rennes covers all the departments of the Bretagne region: Côtes-d’Armor, Finistère, Ille-et-Vilaine and Morbihan. In addition to its usual tasks, it is committed to developing partnerships for beneficiaries of international protection. It has also opened its doors to a film director.

The HOPE scheme                                                                    

The territorial Directorate in Rennes has taken part in the HOPE scheme (Accommodation, Orientation and Pathway to Employment) from the launch of the programme in 2017.

Since then, several training sessions have been offered to beneficiaries of international protection.

Since the beginning of 2022:

  • 35 beneficiaries of international protection have joined the scheme.
  • 3 sessions were held across Bretagne territory to respond to the needs of jobs in short supply: mason, formworker, order picker.
  • 4 other sessions are planned for the second semester

The territorial directorate’s involvement

OFII’s role is to identify the eligible public for this scheme, to target users’ in terms of professional integration and to communicate the needs of beneficiaries and companies in short supply.

Once this identification work has been carried out, the territorial directorate sends invitations to interested people for a collective information session.

The OFII works hand in hand with the National agency for adult training (AFPA), Skills operators, and companies present in order to carry out a proper follow-up of the signatories of the republican integration contract interested in undertaking a HOPE training.    

Following the invitations, they are interviewed individually by one of these organisation in order to analyse their motivation and the match between the training and their professional project.

The Sesame scheme

Sesame is a training programme for kitchen assistants, including a work placement, French classes for vocational purposes with support towards employment.

The Sesame scheme is the result of the collaborative work between AKTO, Pôle-Emploi and OFII.

In 2022, this scheme which remains very successful has been renewed for a fifth training session. 

The territorial directorate’s integration auditors can directly refer newcomers to this scheme following the signing of the republican integration contract or during the end-of-integration contract assessment.

SESAME groups include around 12 spots for beneficiaries of the international protection, for the last session from May to October 10 people are selected.

The 1000 VAE scheme

1000 courses of validation of acquired experience (VAE) is a procedure which allows anyone to receive a professional certification by decision of a jury.

The territorial directorate’s integration auditors identify users who might be interested in the project during reception platforms for signing the republican integration contract or during end-of-contract assessments.

The territorial directorate in Rennes, direct integration course

The OFII in Rennes has been contacted, at the end of 2021, regarding the production of a documentary film.

Following the success of the film “Anaïs s’en va-t-en guerre”, the female director Marion GERVAIS is planning a new production “Anaïs, la suite” with the aim to receive a migrant during the signing of the Republican Integration Contract.

In this context, Mrs. GERVAIS visited the territorial directorate in Rennes where she met with Mr. Seydou and OFII agents.

The interview between Mr. Seydou and an auditor provided an opportunity to look back on his journey in Senegal and, above all, to discuss his new missions in France with his partner.

The reception and integration office’s auditors and their managers

From the reception of the public, to the French test, and then to the signing of the republican integration contract with the integration auditors, the director was able to record every minute spent at the territorial Directorate in Rennes.