The OFII territorial Directorate and Newskills, a partnership with human capital: interview

The OFII Directorate in Limoges is part of the Public employment across its 3 departments: Corrèze, Creuse and Haute Vienne.

An unexpected meeting

The OFII territorial Directorate’s director in Limoges, has been working since her arrival at the directorate for the integration of beneficiaries of international protection.

She understands integration not only in terms of employment, but also in the fact that an unexpected meeting with the co-manager of the company New SKILLS, following an error in the mail, led to a partnership with human potential.

Newskills is a training centre dedicated primarily to professions in the field of security, with a large network of companies. The human value being essential for its co-manager, the OFII audience immediately sparked hi curiosity and his interest.

For both the territorial Director in Limoges and Newskills co-manager, the coexistence of the world of employment, employers, employees and the OFII audience was a challenge.

Newskills has several job offers and the OFII territorial Director in Limoges has a sharp knowledge of the culture of the unemployed beneficiaries of the international protection.

In order to meet the supply and demand, the human and cultural dimensions represent key factors for success.

Introducing the CEO and the beneficiary of international protection before any step of hiring in order for them to learn about one another without any preconceptions lead to positive results.  

To ensure this, several schemes have been established such as Arianne, co-founded by the OFII territorial Directorate in Limoges and Newskills.

Partnership with the Stadium and the CSP Limoges basketball team

ARIANE scheme

ARIANE is a scheme intended to guide beneficiaries of international protection toward employment. It includes both an integrated course: accommodation, meals, bus pass and a 301 hours training course to build on the behavioural skills required by companies and develop language skills.

The French for Specific purpose training is oriented toward five industries: manufacturing, hotel/catering, tertiary sector, aid to individuals, construction. It also has a cultural, recreational and civic dimension with visits to historical sites, which are real discoveries for migrants. Visiting companies are also scheduled.

This scheme is available to beneficiaries of the international protection in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region is complementary to the republican integration contract.

Visit to an agri-food company

Practical implementation

The company expresses its needs in terms of employment to Newskills. Newskills share this information with the territorial Directorate’s director in Limoges. Both visit the company’s site in order to get familiar with its culture and environment.

The Directorate in Limoges inform beneficiaries of international protection whose profile matches the position and invites them to visit the company. Therefore, interviews with the Human resources department can be scheduled following the visit.

In order for the company to become familiar with  the culture of their future employees, they are offered half-day information session on integration support for migrants as well as a two-months coaching.

Companies that contact OFII must have previously signed the ethical charter of “good conduct”. This charter reflects the desire to work together, to recognise and ensure recognition of the values and a humanistic vision of work.

The OFII territorial Directorate in Limoges, has also a partnership with Pôle Emploi which makes it possible to reach a broader audience including beneficiaries of temporary protection.


Since 2020, thanks to Security Vector of Integration then Ariane, 289 beneficiaries of international protection have been hired for a job, either for 6 months renewable or directly on permanent contract after a period of temporary work.