The OFII supports entrepreneurial successes of Cameroonian migrants returning from France

The French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII) is committed in Cameroon to the sustainable economic reintegration of Cameroonian migrants returning from France.

Learn about the stories of six beneficiaries of the voluntary return scheme in Cameroon. Six successful returns and exits from the migratory journey thanks to the positive support of OFII regarding their economic and social reintegration through the creation of businesses in their country of origin.

Joana Maledy, Founder of an organic cocoa nursery

This young graduate of a Master’s degree in management with an option in hotel and restaurant decided upon her return from France to commit to the economic development of Cameroon, her country of origin. Her observation on the limited supply of cocoa plants reinforced her desire to create an innovative business in the competitive sector of cocoa. 

With the help and support of OFII, the promoter developed her nursery project. In order to stand out from her competitors, she chose to produce organic cocoa plants for Cameroonian farmers. Her business is defined by the non-use of products derived from chemical synthesis.

Today, Joana Maledy has become a leading figure in the field of organic cocoa. She was provided with technical support and a grant from the National Cocoa and Coffee Board (CICC) in partnership with OFII. She employs four people with permanent contract and ten people with temporary contracts. Employees are mainly women which helps strengthening professional integration of women in Cameroon.

As a sign of her international expansion, 4 French chocolate companies have already expressed interest in purchasing her cocoa. This represents a major entrepreneurial success story supported by OFII.

Philippe Nkouaya, CEO, digital service provider

With a Master’s degree in information systems, this graduate passionate about new technologies, launched in 2018 his start-up specialised in digital data management.

With OFII support, the entrepreneur was able to establish himself locally and to expand his customer portfolio, which is now located in about fifteen countries around the world.

Eager to share his knowledge and promote digital education in Cameroon, the CEO founded a training centre named Power Academy for young Cameroonians. This centre, specialised in preparing professionals for IT certifications, has already trained 102 young people in 2021.

To keep participating in the integration and training of young people, the entrepreneur plans to hire IT and business Cameroonian students returning from France. This represents an inspiring success story supported by OFII.

Mathieu Sidjou, Founder of a clothing and footwear recycling centre

After spending some time in France, this trader decided to go back to Cameroon, his country of origin, and to use his acquired skills to launch a sustainable company.

With a solid professional experience in the sector of clothing sale, he decided upon returning to Cameroon to develop his clothing recycling activity.

With the help and support of OFII, the project leader launched his company specialised in the import of containers filled with recycled clothes from France. 

Today, the CEO contributes to the economic attractiveness and sustainable development of his country. Indeed, through his activity, he employs five people and was able to process 1161 tons of clothes throughout 2021.

This represents a positive entrepreneurial success story for the local economy and environment.

Robert Deffo, Owner of a poultry and fish farm

Back from France and with seven years of professional experience in the field of stock breeding, this promoter decided to use his skills to launch a business project in Cameroon

Upon his return to Cameroon, he developed a poultry farming activity with the help and support from OFII. Following this first entrepreneurial success, the breeder developed as well a second economic activity in the field of fish farming.

His story represents a brilliant economic reintegration which emphasises the dynamic of Cameroonian migrants returning from France.

Yves Simb, Shopkeeper and Owner of a grocery shop

Upon returning from France, this project leader decided to launch his economic business in Cameroon. Assisted and supported by OFII, this promoter developed a corner shop project within a popular market in the city of Douala.

Now at the head of a grocery shop selling essential goods, this shopkeeper would like to develop his activity. Driven by the success of this first project, he plans with OFII’s help, to buy a fridge to start selling cold drinks and sandwiches. This represents a model of economic reintegration supported by the OFII

Brice Nzeugang, Shopkeeper, Sale of clothing

Back from France, this shopkeeper wanted to settle permanently in Cameroon. Through the OFII’s business creation aid scheme, he worked on a solid entrepreneurial project by relying on his professional skills.

He has been able to develop a clothing business and to set up a shop in a popular market in the city of Douala. The promoter was able to obtain a display shop from the administration and possess a shop where he stores the goods. This represents an entrepreneurial success story supported by the OFII.

These successful reintegration stories reflect the quality support offered by OFII in Cameroon and the positive impact of assisted voluntary return offered by OFII.

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