The OFII is committed to digital inclusion

The French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII) is committed to digital inclusion via its website accessible to everyone.

In November 2021, OFII’s website reached the ultimate objective of full compliance with the French General Database for the Improvement of Accessibility (RGAA version 4.0). This is the promise of an optimum digital experience for our users.

Let us recall here OFII’s objectives when launching the new website:

Offer a quality website with clean design

A website where information can be found quickly and whose content meets your requirements.

Intuitive ergonomics

The website’s tree structure is organised to represent OFII’s missions (Family reunification, Sick foreigner, Reception & Integration, Asylum application, Return to the country of origin) on the one hand, via the banner at the top of the page, but also by personal situation using the centre’s eligibility simulator.

A website accessible to everyone

In line with its commitments towards equality and inclusion, OFII’s ambition is to make the whole site accessible to all people with disabilities.

Thus, you will all be able to access all of the site’s content without your physical or cognitive disability, your equipment or the performance of your connection being an obstacle.

The OFII has taken steps to comply with the French General Database for the Improvement of Accessibility (RGAA) to be accessible and compatible with various means of navigation (no mouse, no keyboard), specialised software or hardware (voice reader, Braille display) or requiring the personalisation of the site’s display (enlarging characters, modifying contrast).