The OFII in Cameroon supports sustainable development projects of Cameroonian migrants returning from France.

The French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII) is active in Cameroon providing information, assistance and support to Cameroonian migrants returning from France and wishing to develop an economic reintegration project in their country of origin.

The second selection committee for reintegration projects in Cameroon was an opportunity to evaluate various initiatives undertaken by Cameroonian nationals supported by the OFII towards finding employment through business creation.

Selection committee for reintegration projects in Cameroon, November 2021, presided over by Christophe Ghilou, French ambassador to Cameroon.

The committee members examined eight reintegration projects supported by the OFII representation in Cameroon.

Migrant-led reintegration projects useful for local development

These projects were launched in the fields of agriculture, fish farming, livestock and trade. The choice of these key sectors for the future of the Cameroonian economy is a testament to the commitment of the project leaders to the sustainable development of their country.

The committee’s experts praised the quality of the initiatives put in place in Cameroon while advising project leaders to continue to rely on their personal skill sets and professional experience to successfully fine-tune their business plans.

Cooperation between France and Cameroon at the core of the successful reintegration of migrants

The selection committee for the reintegration projects was made up of representatives of the French authorities, the French Development Agency, the regional economic service of the French embassy in Cameroon and the European Union delegation.

For Cameroon, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education, the Agency for the Promotion of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, the National Employment Fund and partner organisations that accompany promoters in Cameroon attended the event.

This collaborative work between the French and Cameroonian authorities highlights the beneficial cooperation between the two countries to support the social, human and economic progress generated by the assisted return implemented by the OFII.

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