The OFII in action – Solidarity meal and winning partnership for the integration of migrant women in Limoges

The French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII), the training organisation NEW SKILLS, the restaurant LA FERME and the CSP LIMOGES basketball club have joined forces to offer a star-studded meal on 23 December 2021 to some fifteen migrant women monitored and accompanied towards social and economic reintegration by the OFII. 

A joint commitment to solidarity and inclusion of women

To invite the participants to this solidarity meal, an invitation ceremony was held on Friday 17 December 2021 at the OFII Territorial Directorate in Limoges in the presence of Krystel Le Lay, Director of the OFII Territorial Directorate in Limoges.

This ceremony was also an opportunity to recall the support mechanisms and the work of the OFII for the inclusion of migrant women. The participants were mainly women refugees, signatories of the Republican Integration Contract (CIR) or asylum seekers.

On 23 December 2021, to ensure the success of this moment of fraternity, the restaurant LA FERME was privatised for lunch and the sports club CSP LIMOGES offered toys to the children of the participants to mark its commitment.

A winning partnership for the professional integration of migrant women followed by the OFII

This positive collaboration was initiated by the NEW SKILLS training centre, which has been working for three years with the restaurant LA FERME and the Territorial Directorate of the OFII in Limoges on the issues of training and professional integration of migrants.

Krystel Le Lay, Director of the OFII Territorial Directorate in Limoges with the Director of the restaurant LA FERME and the representative of the organisation NEW SKILLS.

Maissa Ben Youssef, Director of the restaurant LA FERME, has also experienced a migratory journey. This entrepreneur now wants to help, motivate and inspire other migrant women through her work. This meal was an opportunity to recall the importance of vocational training in the integration process of migrant women. 

Participants followed and supported by the OFII and NEW SKILLS towards integration at LA FERME restaurant.

Juliet A., a Nigerian refugee supported towards professional integration by the OFII, wanted to salute this great initiative: “I am happy to be here, happy with this initiative and I thank OFII, New Skills and the manager of La Ferme restaurant for the meal”.

A positive partnership that illustrates OFII’s commitment to solidarity, inclusion and respect for women’s rights.

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