The OFII committed in Gabon to the economic reintegration of migrants with the National Employment Office (ONE)

The French Office for Immigration and Integration is committed in Gabon to the social and economic reintegration of migrants within the framework of the general agreement related to aid to Gabon.

Press conference at ONE headquarters: Hans Divala, General Director of ONE and Pascal Chartrez, Director of the OFII representation in Cameroon on mission in Gabon.

This agreement, signed in 2013 between the French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII) and the National Employment Office (ONE) in Gabon, provides for the financing of economic projects by Gabonese citizens leaving France to return to live in Gabon.

The OFII committed to entrepreneurial success

The OFII provides with ONE, its sole operator in Gabon:

– The coaching of project leaders for one year ;

– The preparation of the candidate for his interview with the selection committee ;

– The support for the implementation of each entrepreneurial project.

This support is essential for the success of each future entrepreneur.

A job-creating scheme

Since the implementation of this agreement in 2013, 57 Gabonese project leaders have benefited from this scheme and generated 98 jobs.

As an extension of this action, 18 business creation projects led by 11 women and 7 men were submitted to the members of the reintegration project selection committee on 24 November 2021 in Gabon.

These 18 projects initiated in the sectors of services and trade should create 29 direct jobs.

Meeting of the selection committee for reintegration projects at the headquarters of the ONE incubator – Maison de l’auto-entrepreneur.

This selection committee bringing together the representatives of the French Embassy in Gabon, the Gabonese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ONE and OFII, underlined the importance of the added value of the projects presented and the quality of the support provided by ONE, OFII’s operator in Gabon.

This positive partnership bears witness to the OFII’s commitment to equality, professional success and support towards employment for migrants returning to their country of origin.

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Documents to download

Voluntary return leaflet

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