The OFII and its Territorial Directorates in action – Mobilisation for the national vaccination campaign

Vaccination is a public health issue in which the French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII) is involved. Indeed, in accordance with its tasks, the OFII contributes to the proper vaccination coverage of migrants.

Vaccination of a user by medical staff at the Territorial Direction of the OFII in Montrouge.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on the overall OFII public and procedures. When facing the health crisis, OFII teams mobilised to overcome the many obstacles faced by migrants to facilitate their access to vaccination.

The OFII committed to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic

The Ministry of Solidarity and Health and the Ministry of the Interior have asked the OFII to participate in the national efforts against the COVID19 pandemic, via the “vaccination of immigrant populations accommodated in houses for migrant workers and in the structures of the National Reception Scheme (DNA) for asylum seekers.”

Vaccination waiting room at the OFII Territorial Directorate in Créteil

Following this request, OFII services addressed a questionnaire during the summer 2021 to all National Reception Scheme structures to assess the vaccination coverage in these centres. This survey allowed each OFII Territorial Directorate to develop a vaccination strategy.

OFII’s Territorial Directorates at the core of the vaccination campaign

19 OFII Territorial Directorates are authorised to be used as Covid vaccination centres.

A few examples of the Territorial Directorates mobilised

The Territorial Directorate of Limoges was the first to launch the vaccination campaign in September 2021.

In the Territorial Directorates of the OFII in Lyon and Marseille, a collaboration with health authorities was implemented. Volunteers can reach the dedicated centres with a ticket handed by the OFII, where they can be vaccinated without an appointment. 

At the OFII’s Territorial Directorate in Paris, a vaccination site has been opened at the Guichet Unique pour Demandeurs d’Asile (GUDA) of the Paris Police Prefecture, for newly arrived asylum seekers.

Didier LESCHI, General Director of the OFII, André GENTEUIL, Territorial Director of the OFII in Paris, Hélène GIRARDOT, Head of the Asylum-Removal Zone department visiting the Paris Prefecture vaccination centre.

At the Rennes Territorial Directorate, vaccination sessions see the number of their participants increase.

The OFII committed to the health and safety of its agents

Since 27 November 2021, the booster vaccination campaign is now open to all eligible adults, five months after their full vaccination. The OFII also participates in this national mobilisation. Vaccination centres are thereby also open for OFII agents wishing to complete their vaccination schudle.

As of 17 December 2021, 1,428 doses of vaccine have been administrated by the OFII in its Territorial Directorates, 880 of which were first injections.

This significant mobilisation of the Territorial Directorates shows OFII’s commitment towards the inclusion, safety, and health of its users, its agents, along with its positive participation in the combat against the COVID-19 pandemic.

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