The OFII and Envergure: a common ambition for the sustainable inclusion of Refugees

The sustainable inclusion of refugees is a major challenge. The French Office for Integration and Immigration (OFII) and Envergure are involved in professional integration and employment issues as part of a partnership at national level.

Speech by Didier Leschi, Director General of OFII at the signing of the partnership agreement between OFII and Envergure.

OFII, a key player in the integration of migrants, directs its users to Envergure’s services, and then monitors them throughout their journey.

Envergure, an expert structure in vocational training, is in contact with many companies to offer training courses adapted to the needs of the job market to refugees.

Mastery of the French language and employment as vectors for successful integration

Envergure, in conjunction with the OFII, has been working for several years in favour of the integration and professional training of new arrivals. Among the initiatives successfully developed by Envergure for the employment of refugees, two programmes are highlighted:

Esperanto, tailor-made support in training and job search to enhance the skills of refugees and position them towards jobs in line with their professional background.

Welcome Emploi, an initiative to guide this public towards jobs in attractive areas to find accommodation.

The aim of these initiatives is to strengthen the linguistic and professional skills and to accelerate the employment of refugees in order to contribute effectively to their integration.

OFII’s commitment to better inclusion of refugees

Didier Leschi, Director General of OFII and Sandra Gicquère, Deputy Director General of Envergure sign a partnership agreement at national level.

Didier Leschi, Director General of the OFII, underlined the importance of support towards employment and housing for a better inclusion of refugees during the signing of this agreement. Areas of work at the heart of the innovative partnership between OFII and Envergure.

This partnership agreement between OFII and Envergure illustrates OFII’s ongoing work to innovate in the sustainable and successful integration of migrants.

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