The first reception centers for asylum seekers in 3 steps

The first reception centers for asylum seekers (SPADA) welcome, inform and support asylum seekers in their procedures.

If you are an asylum seeker in Île-de-France, you must contact OFII on 01 42 500 900 to make an appointment with SPADA. In other regions, you can contact SPADA directly by phone or visit them (download the list of SPADA).

1. The first reception for asylum seekers

During your first appointment, a social worker will receive you and give you information on the asylum application procedure. He/she will make an appointment for you to the one-stop shop for asylum seekers (GUDA) and give you the summons for the appointment.

During this interview, your personal situation is taken into account. If you are not accommodated, he recommends you to contact the 115 (free mobile phone number) to request emergency accommodation.

He can also provide further information on where to shower, do your laundry and eat.

Welcome booklet of the SPADA in Orléans
The SPADA in Orléans gives the asylum seeker a welcome booklet with photos, addresses and tramway stations to well indicate the main places. The booklet is available in different languages.

2. Support after the GUDA appointment

After the GUDA appointment, if you are not accommodated, the SPADA social worker helps you to fill in your file for the French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons (OFPRA) which will evaluate your asylum application. It is possible to call a professional interpreter during the exchange.

SPADA provides you with a domiciliation, a postal address where you can receive your mail.

SPADA also informs you about the steps to benefit from the Universal health protection (PUMA) or send your children to school.

If an accommodation place is available, SPADA will help you to go there.

3. Support for refugees

If OFPRA grants you refugee status (or subsidiary protection) and if you are not accommodated, SPADA will support you for a period of 6 months. It will put you in contact with local partners as the Mission Locale or Pôle Emploi to find a job or the Caisse d’allocations familliales (CAF).

Reception of SPADA Coallia in Orléans
Reception of SPADA Coallia in Orléans, in the Loiret. Since the beginning of 2021, each month, the SPADA, has been welcoming around 100 new asylum seekers and accompanying around 70 refugees or beneficiaries of the subsidiary protection.