Success stories thanks to the OFII: economic reintegration of Gabonese migrants returning from France

The French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII) representation in Cameroon went on a mission in Gabon, in Libreville, from 22 to 26 November 2021.

In the context of its mission in Gabon, OFII’s representation in Cameroon was able to visit the economic reintegration projects of Gabonese migrants returning from France and to review the situation with Gabon’s National Office for Employment (ONE), operator in charge of supporting the beneficiaries of the business creation aid scheme set up by the OFII.

During this field visit, the OFII representation in Cameroon met with six beneficiaries of the economic reintegration aid scheme through business creation.

Learn about these six entrepreneurial projects of Gabonese migrants returning from France, six success stories thanks to OFII’s positive support.

Yacine ONGOUNDOU, Founder of an addictology practice.

After completing her doctoral studies in Psychology in the University of Poitiers in France, Yacine ONGOUNDOU chooses to return and settle in Gabon. On her return from France, she calls upon the OFII to use the skills acquired during her training to open her own addictology practice. OFII approved her project and Yacine ONGOUNDOU is proud to offer a wide range of services in her practice, from the treatment of mental disorders to activities facilitating social reintegration for people suffering from addictions. OFII’s support allowed her to implement an essential activity in a sector particularly sought-after in Gabon, and to propose prices affordable to everyone for high-quality services. As a sign of the growing success of its addiction clinic, it has just established a partnership with the only psychiatric hospital in Gabon.

Inès MIDZE, Fashion and accessories designer

With her fairy-like fingers and an overflowing passion for sewing, Inès MIDZE started from a very young age to transform fabric into clothes and design her own creations. Her dream to become a fashion designer came true thanks to OFII’s economic reintegration assistance scheme.

This support gave her the opportunity to develop her entrepreneurial project in the fashion industry, which is expanding in Gabon. Today, thanks to the support of the OFII, Inès MIDZE has premises in the suburbs of Libreville where she exhibits her most prized creations. The designer is delighted to see her online sales explode through social networks.

Victoire NTSAME, Restaurant owner

Victoire NTSAME, as a real cooking aficionada, has always concocted delicious dishes for her family and friends. Back in Gabon, thanks to professional support of the OFII, she used the skills she acquired when she managed several establishments in the field of mass-marketing to develop her activity in catering. Now owning her very own restaurant in Gabon, Victoire has the ideal place to share her love for cooking and express her talents as a restaurant manager.

Quentin NDONG EYI, Owner of an agricultural holding

Quentin NDONG EYI is an engineer in International Agro-Development, with an option in plant production, and has expertise in the field of agricultural development. After coming back to Gabon with this strong training, he benefited from OFII’s economic reintegration scheme to develop his agricultural holding project in his country. Since his project has been approved by the OFII, he cultivates now a 2-hectare plot of land in the town of Oyem, in Gabon. This farm owner now grows peppers, cassava, okra, tomatoes and cabbages. Thanks to OFII’s support, he could buy a power pump to facilitate the irrigation of his plants and extend his possibilities for development and exploitation.

Alain OBAME, Director of an accounting firm

Holding a Master’s degree in Human Resources, Alain OBAME left France to settle in Gabon, and with the support of the OFII, he is developing his services project in the field of finance and human resources. His accounting firm became a leader in this field, with its main clients being medical institutions and big Gabonese enterprises. Although he was impacted by the pandemic, Alain OBAME kept a strong customer base, loyal to the high-quality services his firm offers.

Sybille REKOMBENI, Fashion, and beauty entrepreneur

Back in Gabon after finishing her studies in France, the young student decided to start her own business with the help of OFII. Passionate about fashion and beauty, she used her passions and benefited from the help for enterprise creation offered by the OFII to develop her clothes selling and hair extensions activity. The booming of her activity led Sybille to work with African countries such as Senegal and Cameroon, to stay at the forefront of the latest innovations in fashion and beauty for her customers.

Professional success in Gabon thanks to the support of the OFII, turning professional experience into projects for the future, research for innovations to become the leader in a rapidly expanding sector…

These experiences illustrate the diversity of business projects approved by the OFII and the success of OFII’s field work for social and economic reintegration of Gabonese migrants returning from France.

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