Struggle against Covid-19 – the OFII in Limoges provides free self-tests for the signatories of the Republican Integration Contract (CIR)

The French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII) is fighting against Covid-19 as part of its participation in the national vaccination campaign.

Following government announcements regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, self-tests are now required for the 2nd and the 4th day after the last contact with a Covid-positive person.

Thus, Fabienne Balussou, prefect of Haute-Vienne, provided the OFII Territorial Directorate in Limoges with self-tests in order to contribute to the national mobilisation against the virus.

Effective interaction of public services in the fight against the pandemic

The OFII territorial directorate in Limoges works in close collaboration with the Departmental Directorate for Employment, Labour, Solidarity and Population Protection of Haute-Vienne (DDETSPP 87) in this mobilization against the pandemic.

The DDETSPP 87 provides self-tests for accommodation centres, including those dependent on the national reception system for asylum seekers (DNA).

A total of 30,000 self-tests will be distributed to ensure everyone’s health and safety.

This collaboration between the Haute-Vienne Regional Health Agency, the Haute-Vienne prefecture and the Territorial Directorate of OFII in Limoges allows rapid on-site testing and limiting any contamination.

Positive preventive work with users, agents and partners

The OFII territorial directorate in Limoges will provide self-tests to its service providers responsible for training the signatories of the Republican Integration Contract (CIR) and the OFII accompanying agents.

OFII partner organisations such as FEL or Aformac will be able to benefit from these preventive measures, to limit the risk of contamination during training sessions and ensure the continuity and proper functioning of activities open to users.

The medical service teams of the Limoges territorial directorate are also mobilised to conduct or supervise tests for OFII agents who request them and remain at their disposal regarding the actions to be taken after the tests.

Une infirmière du Service Médical de l’OFII informe, conseille et aide les agents pour l’usage des autotests.
The OFII Medical Service Nurse informs, advises and assists staff in the use of self-tests.

This preventive work has been highly appreciated by the agents of the OFII Territorial Directorate in Limoges, who welcome this solidarity initiative for the health and safety of users and agents.

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