Return to Armenia with the help of OFII

Are you Armenian? Do you wish to return and settle in Armenia thanks to an OFII program? Are you leaving France and have questions about your job, your professional future back in Armenia? Do you wish to know more about the actions to create your own business in Armenia with the help of the OFII?

The OFII guides you step by step:

  1. Contact the OFII as soon as you arrive in Armenia. 
  2. A member of OFII team will answer your questions and help you establishing a plan for your return to Armenia. The OFII will inform you about all the social, health and employment services you might benefit from and provide advice if you wish to create your business.
  3. Then start working with an OFII agent on your employment or business project after your return to Armenia.

4.With this help, you will present your project to the Committee chaired by the French Embassy in Armenia and the OFII.

  1. In case of a positive response after the presentation of your employment or business creation project, you can settle back in Armenia benefitting from the best conditions.

Click here for explanatory video

Discover the testimonies of four beneficiaries of this return to Armenia scheme with the help of the OFII. They talk about the difficulties they encountered in France, the reasons why they return to Armenia and OFII’s positive guidance for their return, professional activity, and business creation in Armenia.

Alina and Karen, Owners of a food truck. In France, given their situation, Alina and Karen had no support, employment, or accommodation. Back in Armenia, with the help of OFII, Alina and Karen launch their food-truck and return to a professional activity to support their family in Armenia. They are now glad to have an enterprise that offers quality products for the pleasure of Erevan inhabitants. Click here to discover their journey from France towards Armenia.