Report to Parliament on the Procedure for Admission to Stay for Medical Care

The OFII Medical Service publishes the 6th edition of the report to Parliament on medical opinions for residence permit applications for medical care for the year 2022.

Since January 1, 2017, the OFII Medical Service has evaluated 181,089 residence permit applications for medical care. This evaluation has led to an annual increase in the percentage of favorable opinions: the rate was 51.3% in 2017 and reached 61.5% in 2022, resulting in an average favorable opinion rate of 57.6% over 6 years. This increase in favorable opinions is associated with a consistent decrease in the number of annual applications, especially for first-time requests. In 2022, the decrease in applications compared to 2017 is 45% (with 24,183 applications).

France thus maintains a unique and highly favorable system, surpassing the obligations imposed on European countries.

Download the report (French version)