Reintegration in Senegal: testimonies

The European program ERRIN (The European Return and Reintegration Network), which brings together fifteen European Union Member States, offers reintegration assistance to migrants who wish to return to their country of origin.

Within this framework and since 2020, the representation of OFII in Senegal has been assisting in their reintegration, migrants returning from various European partner countries of ERRIN program.

Discover the testimonies of four beneficiaries. They share their dream of going to Europe, the reasons for their choice to return and the support they benefit in their reintegration project through business creation.

Talla Diop. This young man in his thirties left by dugout canoe and came to Europe as a teenager. Now fishmonger with the support of OFII, Talla benefits from a technical assistance and advice of his father, who is in this field.

Azzedine Gueye, a hardware merchant, who, after 6 years in Europe, says that “his motivation to return was the same as when he left Senegal”.

Mame Diarra Dia, a young graduate of higher education, returned to Senegal to set up an ecological cleaning business. The young woman has her eyes set on the future and wants to make a positive contribution to the socio-economic development of her country.

Marie-Thérèse Mendy, a food shop owner, talks about the return and reintegration scheme and the technical support she receives from her monitoring operator.

For more information on the scheme, you can consult the various resources available on our website.

OFII has published a map for reintegration schemes

Return and reintegration assistance schemes