Promising reintegration assistance in Mali

At the end of 2021, the French ambassador to Mali and the Director of the OFII representation visited Mr. Amadou Abba HAÏDARA’s company. This original company was able to see the light of day thanks to the OFII reintegration programme.

The story of an innovative and productive project

Mr. Amadou Abba HAÏDARA, on a student visa, left for France in 2007 to pursue studies in commerce and finance. In parallel to his courses, he worked in various jobs in the catering industry.

After graduating in 2015 with a Master II in Financial Engineering, he worked as a financial auditor in various countries in China, Shanghai and the United States, New York.

Despite these professional experiences, Amadou Abba HAÏDARA has a deep desire to return to Mali with an economic activity project in mind.

Returning by his own means to Mali in 2016, he applied to the OFII representation in Bamako to obtain reintegration assistance through business creation.

Amadou Abba HAÏDARA’s project is to open a smoothie bar. This drink, which he knows well, is still unknown in Mali, and he proposes to promote its nutritional benefits in a warm setting.

His project received financial support from the OFII.

Today, five years after setting up his project, Amadou Abba HAÏDARA is not only an entrepreneur but also an employer. The success is such that he has created 6 jobs and is expanding to other locations.

Monsieur Joël MEYER Ambassadeur de France au Mali et Monsieur Amadou Abba HAÏDARA

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