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  1. Procédure summary
  2. Does this procedure affect you ?
  3. Steps of the procedure

Summary procedure

Companies can contact the French Office for Immigration and Integration regarding an international recruitment. The companies need to first prove that it was not possible to find the necessary workforce within French territory. The recuperation can be for a seasonal, temporary or permanent job position.

The OFII is the first interlocutor of companies for the recruitment of foreigners. It supports employers in the introduction procedure of future foreign worker on French territory. The Office also acts as a single desk for young professionals.

Thus, the OFII is plays a role throughout the whole procedure. Starting from the application of an employer for a work permit to supporting them with the recruitment of a foreign candidate.

Does this procedure affect you ?

Le dispositif « Jeune professionnel » s’adresse aux jeunes étrangers qui vThe “Young professional” system is destined for young foreigners who wish to come to France as to deepen their professional, linguistic and cultural knowledge. Their arrival on French territory will enable them to gain professional knowledge. The acquired skills will be of great help in their careers once they return to their countries of origin.

Concerned countries

For the implementation of this international mobility, France has signed an agreement with 17 countries:

  • Algeria
  • Argentina
  • Benin
  • Canada
  • Cape Verde
  • Congo Brazzaville
  • The USA (through the Franco-American Chamber of Commerce – FACC)
  • Gabon
  • Georgia
  • Morocco
  • Mauritius
  • Montenegro
  • New Zeeland (agriculture only)
  • Russia
  • Senegal
  • Serbia
  • Tunisia

Citizens of these 16 countries can benefit only once from this system with the exception of Canadians. If these foreign workers wish to come back to France again after their return to their home countries, they must in concrete terms follow a new immigration process.


Conditions to benefit

The applicants for this system need to hold a degree or have professional experience which correspond to the available position in France.

It should be noted that this system is only destined for young workers. It does not concern their family members. However, if they wishe to be accompanied, their families can apply for a “visitor” visa at the French Consulate. It should also be noted that the visa is not systematically granted for everyone.

Is there an age limit ?

The young candidates for the module need to be between 18 and 35 years of age.

Exception are for:

  • Benin, the maximum age limit is 40 years old.
  • Russia, the maximum age limit is 30 years old.
  • Tunisia, young workers need to be less than 30 years of age.

Useful tips :
Theoretically, the applicant must reside outside of France. Exceptionally, a foreigner who hold a “student” resident permit can benefit from the “young professional” procedure without having to leave the territory. But this needs to be done as part of an application for a status change. The applicant must also meet the age and nationality conditions.

Steps of the procedure

For the future young worker

How to apply for a work permit ?

  • The “work permit application” file must be filed at the territorial directorate of the OFII along with the following supporting documents:

    • CV and cover letter;
    • Copies of degrees and/or training certificates and/or employment certificates;
    • Copy of passport (6 first pages);
    • A commitment signed by the “young professional” to go back to the country of origin;
    • CERFA n° 15187*02 (leaf 1 & 2);
    • A licence to practice in France the requested activity if the profession is a regulated one;
    • Kbis extract or social charges and contributions slips including paid vacations;
    • Authorisation of the employer’s representative (if applicable).

How goes the case handling process ?

The complete file is to be filed at the territorial Directorate of the OFII. It has 5 days maximum to verify and transfer the file to the DIRECCTE.

The DIRECCTE has 10 days to carry out the regulatory verifications and send back the file to the OFII along with its decision.

The OFII has 5 days to register the DIRECCTE’s decision. It then transfers the file to the competent French consulate.

For the employer

Are there taxes to be paid ?

A 72 Euro tax is to be paid to the OFII. It is only payable by companies having received a written request.

What are the terms of the work contract?

The foreign worker is an employee of a French company. They are hired on a fixed-term contract (CDD) for a minimum of 3 months. Exceptions for this minimum duration are:

  • Benin (4 months minimum);
  • Algeria (6 months minimum);

The maximal duration is 18 months, excepting Algeria, Serbia, Montenegro and Russia as it is 24 months. Tunisian citizens can also apply for the maximal duration of 24 months if the reinsertion project is validated before their arrival on the territory.

How to extend the work contract?

The employer who wishes to extend the initial work contract must make a special application. To that end, he needs to fill in the CERFA n°15186*02 and send it the territorial Directorate of the OFII.

They need to mention the fact that it is contract extension and attach to their application the previous contract.

Useful tips

The initial duration of the contract must not exceed 12 months. If the employer wishes to exceed that limit, they need to renew the contract.

As for the salary, the young professional will receive a salary which matches their position, qualification and experience. The offered salary must be respectful of the minimum wage applicable on the day of the file registration.

In concrete terms, the advantages of the young professional need to be on the same level as those of their French colleagues.

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