Reception of asylum seekers

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  1. Procedure summary
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  4. Asylum seekers allowance (ADA)

Procedure summary

Asylum is the protection granted by the host State to a foreigner who is unable to take benefit from the protection of the authorities of his country of origin.

The OFII supports the asylum seekers while their applications are being processed by the OFPRA.

Does this procedure affect you?

You are eligible to apply for asylum in case you are not benefiting from the protection of the authorities of your country of origin.

Procedure steps

How to apply for asylum?

You have just arrived in France; you are in danger in your country and you wish to apply for protection? Here are the steps:

Step 1 : The pre-registration

In France, the first step is to go to the first reception structure for asylum seekers (SPADA). You will be pre-registered for an appointment at the single desk for asylum seekers (GUDA) where you will receive information regarding your asylum procedure in France.

In the Île-de-France region and since 2 May 2018, requests are made by phone. This makes it possible to get an appointment at the first reception structure (SPADA).

Step 2 : Effective registration

It will be done during the appointment at the single desk for asylum seekers (GUDA) where the OFII and prefecture are also present.

  • You are received by a prefecture agent: after taking your fingerprints, they will register your application and then hand you your asylum application certificate and your OFPRA file.
  • You will then meet an OFII agent. Depending on your eligibility, they will ask you to sign an offer of support and services. This offer will enable you to fulfil your needs during your asylum procedure. It is known as the material conditions of reception (CMA) which includes the following:
    • Accommodation through the national reception process (DNA), depending on availabilities.
    • An allowance for asylum seekers (ADA).

Step 3 : File lodging at the OFPRA

You have then 21 days to send your file to the French Office for Refugees and Stateless people (OFPRA).

  • If you are offered accommodation orientation within the national reception process DNA, you will be provided help at the place of residence in writing the necessary story for your application.
  • If you do not have accommodation: The first reception structure will provide you with the necessary assistance.

The relevant bodies for the instruction of asylum applications are:

  • The French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless people (OFPRA)
  • The National Court of Asylum (CNDA)

Step 4 : Processing of asylum applications in 2 steps

Firstly, the application is processed by the OFPRA. It is a public institution that falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Interior.

➔   Either it grants the refugee status;

➔   grants the subsidiary protection;

➔   Or it rejects the application.

In the last two cases, you can lodge an appeal at the CNDA within a one-month deadline. This independent jurisdiction examines appeals before rendering their decisions.

Accommodation and allowance for asylum seekers (ADA)

The material welcome conditions are divided in :

  • An allowance for asylum seeker (ADA), remitted monthly. The sum will depend on the family composition
  • Accomodation in dedicated shelters

In principle, you are eligible during the asylum procedure, if :

  • You are not a citizen of a European Union member state
  • You entered the French territory for less than 90 days,
  • Your income is below the « active solidarity income » (RSA).

The asylum seeker allowance is administrated by the OFII. The payment starts after the filing of your asylum application to the OFPRA.

Conditions to benefit from the ADA are as follows:

  • accepting the material conditions of reception offered by the French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII);
  • holding an asylum application certificate;
  • having a monthly income which is less than the amount of the Active Solidarity Income (RSA). It should be noted that both your monthly resources and those of your family are considered.
  • having sent the asylum application to the French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless people (OFPRA) within a 21 days deadline.

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