OFII’s organization

OFII is administered by a Board of Administrators consisting of a President, a General Director appointed by Decree and 24 members.

The 24 members consist of vice-presidents (2), State representatives (8), Parlementarians (2), personnel representatives (2), qualified professionals (4) and members of OFII with consultative capacities (6).

The President and the General Director are designated by Decree:

Rémy SCHWARTZ who was appointed President by Decree of 14 January, 2013.
Didier LESCHI who was appointed General Director by Decree of 17 December, 2015, then Decree of 13 November, 2018 and Decree of 17 January, 2022.

The organizational chart of the OFII, updated in October 2022.

Simplified list of the OFII Administrative Council, updated in August 2022.

The DEPAFI-OFII convention (Convention for the delegation of special and flat rate contributions scheduling management).

The decision to create a committee of wise men at the OFII.