OFII representation in Cameroon involved in Congo Brazzaville to support reintegration projects in the country

As part of its missions, OFII representation in Cameroon operates in the Republic of the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Gabon. One of its missions deals with the assisted return and reintegration schemes.

To this end, the Director of the OFII representation in Cameroon, Pascal CHARTREZ, visited Congo Brazzaville at the end of April for 4 days to fulfil his goals, including hosting a funding committee for reintegration projects of Congolese migrants back in the country.

The funding committee and reintegration projects

The funding committee for reintegration projects presided by the First Counsellor of the French Embassy in Congo, Louis BERTHOLOT, studied eight files of migrants returning to Congo Brazzaville. The presented projects covered the areas of poultry farming, sale of agricultural products, hog farming, and trade.  

The funding committee

From project planning to the creation of activity

A nursing clinic

Danatien Nkounkou opened a nursing clinic in the 7th district of Brazzaville (Mfilou). The promoter graduated from the Ecole Paramédicale Catholique Sœur Maurice Philippe (Kinkala-Congo Brazzaville) with a diploma of general nurse. The particularity of this project is that it is located in one of the suburbs of the Brazzaville city. The centre provides patients with low-cost care.

A Cyber café

Audrey Bizenga, opened a Cyber cafe in the heart of the city of Brazzaville (Moungali) that also sells consumables. It has new equipment acquired through OFII funding. Even though it is located in a competitive area, Audrey was able to stand out from others by offering high-quality services. Her largest customer base is mainly composed of the educational institutions located near her business.

A Sewing shop

Géneviève Makoma opened a sewing shop in Kintele. She sells sewn clothes made from loin cloth and she also makes school uniforms for schools and high schools. OFII financial support helped her purchase equipment and set up her shop. Géneviève has four trainees who are young students finishing their university course. Her shop is partnering up with the Congolese Ministry of Employment as part of the young people training programme. This programme is also funded by the French Development Agency.