OFII in Georgia supports rural development projects and sustainable reintegration of Georgian migrants returning from France

The French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII) is active in Georgia in providing information, assistance and support to Georgian migrants returning from France in their reintegration project through employment, business creation or vocational training.

Over the years, OFII Representation’s teams in Armenia have been involved in Georgia to study applications and reintegration projects of Georgian migrants returning from France.

A reinforced support provided by OFII for the sustainable reintegration of Georgian migrants 

OFII in Georgia is conducting a significant work by offering a reinforced support for Georgian migrants returning from France.

In 2021, 360 projects related to assisted return were supported by OFII in Georgia. This significant number demonstrates the positive work carried out by OFII on site to promote assisted voluntary return of Georgian migrants and their sustainable reintegration in their country of origin.

In Georgia, OFII supports different types of assistance for migrants returning from France.

  • Social and medical assistance (level 1);
  • Support for professional and economic projects (levels 2 and 3);

The goal is to assist each beneficiary towards the end of a migratory journey and direct them through a final and successful social and economic reintegration in Georgia. 

Economic projects of Georgian migrants contribute to the rural development and attractiveness of Georgia

This total mobilisation of OFII teams in Georgia, during a sanitary crisis, has paid off. In January 2022, 3 project selection committees were able to study 44 files, 32 social assistance applications and to validate 34 reintegration projects of which: 

  • 7 vocational training courses to support a return to work, mainly in the field of cosmetology which offers good employment opportunities.
  • 27 micro-enterprise creation projects, of which 74% in the agricultural field, which represents an attractive sector at the local scale.

Georgian migrants’ projects supported and assisted by OFII contributes nowadays to the rural and economic development of Georgia by creating new employment opportunities at the local scale.  

These reintegration success stories demonstrate the quality support provided by OFII in Georgia and the positive impact of assisted voluntary return offered by the organisation.

Are you Georgian? Return to Georgia to develop your economic project, your business with the help and support of the OFII, go to www.retourvolontaire.fr to find out more.