OFII, a public institution committed to sustainable development

The OFII Director General signed the charter of the sustainable development club for public institutions and companies (CDDEPEP) during plenary meeting of the club members on 16 June 2022 in the premises of France éducation internationale located in Sèvres.

By promoting strategic thinking and the implementation of organisations’ social responsibilities (RSO), the club contributes to the implementation of the new eco-friendly public services scheme and strives to achieve the sustainable development goals of the 2030 agenda. In this way, it contributes to changing our society to a world more fair and sustainable.

The core principles of the sustainable development club for public institutions and companies are peer-to-peer exchanges and collective research of new solutions to accelerate ecological and fair-based transition.

The club’s purpose is to boost its members’ sustainable development initiatives by sharing together positive feedbacks and good practices. It organises working groups on common topics, theme seminaries, plenary meeting in Île-de-France, and regional meetings. It has a dedicated space on the interministerial platform Osmose which allows individuals to communicate and discuss on a daily basis.

The OFII’s membership to this club recognises its ambition and proactive initiative for the last 10 years in support of sustainable development and more gnerally, in its social responsibility policy.

Picture of France International Education M. Leschi on the right

During this event, a video introducing the OFII as well as its responsible commitment was shown and OFII’s trajectory based on its property assets management was presented.

Since 2013, the Institution has included sustainable development in the management of its 30000 m2 property assets though a voluntary approach.

Therefore, our building projects are carried out using a communication and transparency methodology with all stakeholders trough platform for the exchange of information or through immersive films. New work methods and procedures for all actors of our projects made it possible to reduce cots and to improve buildings’ performance, such as preventing errors and reducing waste.

This approach led to a certification for renovating or offices in 2017.

This certification programme assesses the environmental performance of operating buildings by classifying using 3 categories: the intrinsic quality of the building, management of its operation and occupancy.  Impacts in many fields are taken into account: Management, Well-being and health of users, Power, proximity to Transports, Materials used, Water consumption, Wastes, Landscape and ecology, Pollution and Innovation.

Whenever possible, the BREEAM certification process is included to our projects. It was the case for the territorial directorate in Montpellier inaugurated in 2021 and certified BREEAM Very good. By 2024/2025, we are aiming for BREEAM Excellent certification for the territorial directorate in Montrouge.

We are also committed starting 2021 to reuse products, equipment and materials on the construction works of our offices in Limoges.

Our sustainable development approach applied to property is not only technical.

We pay particular attention to agents’ and users’ safety and convenience. For example, sound proofing of office and reception areas that goes beyond legal recommendations thus ensuring confidentiality of discussions and a better comfort for all or the creation of innovative convivial and working spaces either shared or individual to isolate oneself.

For more information: https://www.ecologie.gouv.fr/club-developpement-durable-des-etablissements-et-entreprises-publics