New provisions in the framework of the Republican Integration Contract in France

Foreign nationals authorised to reside in France on a long-term basis are invited by the OFII to attend a half-day reception, as part of the personal integration programme.

During this half-day event, the Republican Integration Contract (CIR) is presented to each foreigner for signature.

Since 1 January 2022, the Republican Integration Contract has evolved.                                                                           

What are the new arrangements?

Regarding the prescription of language training

The level of French language skills is still assessed by a written and oral comprehension and expression test.

Depending on the results of the test, the OFII auditor prescribes compulsory language training if the language level is below A1.

Depending on the level of language and education, 4 training courses are offered, from 100 hours to 600 hours.

Before 2022, the test determined whether the A1 level of the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) in French was achieved. Since 1 January, the language level has been assessed more accurately: from infra-A1 to B1.

From now on, if the language level is equal to level A1 or A2, the auditor offers complementary training towards one of the higher levels of the CEFR.

The complementary course for level A2 has a duration of 100 hours of language training, as does the course for level B1. These courses are also offered to signatories of the Republican Integration Contract, after the compulsory language training.

Namely, level A2 is required to obtain a residence permit and level B1 is required to obtain French nationality.

To find out about levels A1, A2, B1, B2, click here

Regarding the certification of the level of French

Certifications allow written and oral skills to be recognised and valued by means of an assessment. They are taken in an approved examination centre and issued by an internationally recognised organisation. Certifications can be a support to employment.

Before 1 January 2022, only A1 level certification was offered to signatories of the Republican Integration Contract. Today, while registration for A1 level certification is still funded by OFII, the same is true for A2 or B1 level certification.
Only one certification is supported.

All this information is explained during the half-day reception at the OFII.