New procedures to be carried out entirely online

After the validation of the long-stay visas equivalent to a residence permit, “student” residence permits and “talent passport” residence permits, users can now request a duplicate residence permit, a change of address or a “visitor” residence permit directly online at:

It is no longer necessary to make an appointment at the prefecture or to travel to complete these procedures. Beneficiaries will only present themselves physically at the prefecture for the delivery of the residence permit. Between the submission of the application and this delivery of the permit, they can consult the status of their application at any time on their online account.

Duplicate: if you have lost your residence permit or it has been stolen, you can obtain a duplicate. As a reminder, the duplicate bears the same validity dates as the lost or stolen permit. For more information: What should a foreigner do if his or her residence card is lost?

Change of address: if you have moved and you hold a residence permit for more than one year, you must declare your change of address within three months. For more information: What should a foreigner do when changing their address?

“Visitor” residence permit: if you are a foreigner and wish to stay in France for more than 3 months as an inactive person, you can obtain a visitor residence permit. This card is issued to you under conditions of resources if you agree not to work in France. It is valid for a maximum of one year and is renewable. For more information: Temporary residence card for a foreigner in France