Many successful returns to Senegal

In 2021, 127 aids for business creation or employment were validated throughout Senegal by a selection committee organised by the OFII representation office in Senegal.

The OFII and its institutional, technical and financial partners contribute to the strengthening of the local economic fabric and the empowerment of Senegalese women and youth through entrepreneurship.

All of the beneficiaries have had experience of the reintegration assistance scheme in Senegal, in France in a territorial directorate of the OFII, or via the European ERRIN programme, which has accompanied a number of young Senegalese returning from Germany.

 An example of a successful return

Mr. GUEYE returned to Senegal in 2018, after an 8-year stay in France. During his stay in France, he worked in an alcohol and drug prevention centre for young people with intellectual disabilities.

With a solid experience in his field, Mr. GUEYE decided to return to Senegal to be closer to his family and contribute to the development of his country.

Informed of the existence of the OFII’s return and business creation assistance scheme, he returned to Senegal after registering his application at the territorial Directorate of the OFII in Rouen.

Mr GUEYE wants to launch a project to strengthen the support for the reintegration of people with reduced mobility. He therefore opted for a professional laundry and dry cleaning project (IH Pressing). He was accompanied in this process by an OFII consultant who helped him in writing his business plan and later in monitoring the project.

After the feasibility study had been drawn up, Mr GUEYE obtained the validation of his grant and launched the steps for the start-up. After various researches, he chooses to start with a simple start and then to define the right moment to integrate the accompaniment of people with reduced mobility.

After a well-targeted search, he settled in Guédiawaye in the commune of Golf Sud and took the option of offering an affordable price.

M.GUEYE employs 3 people including a delivery person.

The first 5 months are promising and the turnover is increasing positively. He has a young, passionate team that knows the area well and is dedicated to customer satisfaction. A team that relies on quality service and affordable prices to build a good reputation and attract other customers.

Voluntarily, he went through all the steps to register in the formal economy. He already pays the municipal tax, an approach he explains as being linked to his commitment to contribute to development, “many Senegalese companies don’t like to formalise, they hide, but I want to progress, to contribute to development and to achieve my objectives” he confides.

At the same time, Mr GUEYE is still working as a sociologist and is keen to stabilise his activity in order to launch the second phase of his project aimed at supporting the reintegration of people with reduced mobility. To this end, he is working on a list of potential partners to be mobilised.

Mr. GUEYE remains optimistic for the future, and the information given in the field allows him to do so.

OFII is mobilising, so are you!

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