Long-stay visa equivalent to a residence permit (VLSTS) validation and OFII summons

You hold a long-stay visa equivalent to a residence permit (VLS-TS) and have just entered French territory.

You must have your VLS-TS validated on the dedicated website of the administration for Foreign nationals in France within three months of your arrival on French territory.

Once the validation has been carried out, a “confirmation of your long-stay visa equivalent to a residence permit  registering validation” is issued.
Along with this confirmation is provided, for people subject to these procedures, an “information on the reception visit relating to the Republican Integration Contract” and/or an “information relating to the medical check-up”.

Depending on the address you indicated when validating your VLS-TS, the relevant OFII’s Territorial Directorate will send you a summons  for your medical check-up or your reception visit.

The potential validation mistakes or technical difficulties may prevent the files form being digitally transferred to the OFII. Therefore, without a response from the OFII within 45 days following the validation, you are invited to send a copy of your passport (civil status and visa pages) with a confirmation of your VLS-TS validation to the relevant OFII’s Terriotiral Directorate by mail (addresses here).