OFII has published a map for reintegration schemes

The European Return and Integration Network (ERRIN), a joint initiative of 15 EU Member States, is offering reintegration assistance to returning migrants. The initiative also aims at paving the way for a more coordinated European approach to reintegration.

Within this framework, OFII launched a trial programme in March 2020 to accompany migrants returning from partner countries, based on the three levels of assistance provided by the national scheme. To achieve this, OFII sent representatives abroad, to Cameroon, Mali, Morocco, and Senegal.

The second step in this trial programme was to map out the various players and schemes involved in reintegration.

After more than a hundred interviews conducted for 9 months with institutional officials in Paris and in the field through its four offices abroad, the document was finalised in December 2020, in French and English. This is a working basis that will enable all the players in this reintegration to look forward to cooperating operationally and boosting the complementarity of the schemes already in place. Some concrete synergistic initiatives like co-financing with countries of origin are already in place as well.

With the mapping completed, the OFII team assigned to the trial programme is now focused on making films to promote the ERRIN initiative to eligible applicants. This is an opportunity to feature photographs of migrants who share their experience of returning to their countries of origin under this scheme. A support that works towards a dignified return and better prospects for migrants.

Click here to consult the mapping system