International Women’s Rights Day – The OFII in Guinea promotes the economic reintegration of migrant women by helping them to return

International Women’s Rights Day is celebrated annually on the 8th of March.

The French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII) is committed to the rights and empowerment of women in the context of assisting in the social and economic reintegration of migrant women in the country of their origin.

Find out about 3 women’s journeys accompanied by the OFII in Guinea towards the creation of a business, 3 portraits of Guinean migrant women returning from France, who are now models of entrepreneurial success in their country thanks to the return assistance offered by yhe OFII.

Focus on 3 success stories of migrant women supported by the OFII in Guinea. 

Aïssatou BALDOU, 38 years old, Director of a midwifery practice

In order to improve the living conditions for her family, Aïssatou BALDE decides to leave Guinea for France. After a dangerous trip, she is unable to regularise her situation to settle in France. She therefore decides to return to her country to work on a project for the future.

A holder of a vocational training certificate in midwifery and having a solid professional experience of about 10 years, she wishes to rely on her qualifications in order to create an economic project in the healthcare sector in Guinea.

She then applied for OFII reintegration assistance to open her own midwifery practice. Thanks to her experience, motivation and the support of the OFII, she obtained an approval from the authorities, which allowed her to perform her activities.

Now, heading her midwifery practice, Aïssatou BALDE offers essential services: pregnancy monitoring, deliveries, vaccinations, blood tests and care services. She employs a nurse and a laboratory technician.

Her success contributes to strengthening of the healthcare for women and children in Guinea.

Koumba BAH, 54 years old, shopkeeper and owner of a grocery store

This mother left Guinea for France for health reasons. During her stay in France, she was unable to work due to her health condition. Nevertheless, Koumba BAH remains determined to find solutions to help her family in Guinea.

On return from France, her health condition improved, and she decides to use her life experience to start a business in Guinea. Coming from a merchant family, Koumba BAH wishes to continue this family tradition to ensure a sustainable future to her family in Guinea and to set an example for her 5 children.

Assisted and supported by the OFII, she develops a grocery store selling food products in the municipality of Ratoma in Conakry, a local business useful for the local economy and appreciated by the residents.

The career of this mother, who is now an entrepreneur committed to the economic development of her country is a source of inspiration for the younger generations.

Maïmouna Foly DIALLO, 30 years old, Entrepreneur and creator of a pancake shop

This young student left Guinea to pursue her higher education in France. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Life and Health Sciences and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Management in the Paul Sabatier University and the Mirail University in Toulouse, respectively, as well as a vocational training certificate in Accounting and Management in the Paris Institute of Training and Management and a certificate of training in English language of the Paris National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (CNAM).

Alongside with her studies, Maïmouna Foly DIALLO works in a pancake shop, where she holds various positions ranging from technical affairs to business management.

Back in Guinea, the young graduate applied for OFII reintegration assistance in order to create a business. Her passion for cooking, her business experience and her brilliant academic profile allowed her to develop her own business project in the sphere of catering.

Managing a pancake shop in the municipality of Kaloum in Conakry, she has recruited two people. This is an inspiring feminine success story for all young women who want to start an entrepreneurial venture.

Are you a migrant woman who would like to benefit from assistance in return and economic reintegration? The OFII supports your return to the country of your origin and helps you to start your own business! To benefit from the assisted voluntary return and reintegration, visit the website