International Day of La Francophonie – Learning French as a vector of successful integration with the OFII

The International Day of La Francophonie is held annually on 20 March. This international event is an opportunity to celebrate the French language, its richness and diversity. This day also promotes the positive initiatives for learning French in France and around the world.

The French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII) is committed to implement French language trainings for newly arrived foreigners as part of The Republican Integration Contract (CIR).

French language training as a lever for the social and economic integration of migrants

Mastering the French language is an inclusion issue for migrants in France. The newly arrived foreigner that commits to a republican integration programme by signing the Republican Integration Contract (CIR) of OFII benefits from a language and civic training and can be oriented towards the available local services for his social and professional integration.

Signatories of the Republican Integration Contract (CIR) supervised by the Territorial Directorate of OFII in Orléans during their French language training.

This language training opens up new possibilities for each signatory of the CIR and promotes:

  • French language courses by accredited trainers within an pedagogical framework;
  • Economic integration and access to employment for migrants;
  • Communication and good understanding of the republican values;
  • Social cohesion within the French society;

In 2020, according to OFII’s* annual report, 36,147 language trainings in French were prescribed which represents 3,6 million training hours. These are significant figures considering the health context and the impact the pandemic has had on the public and the procedures of the OFII. These data bear witness the essential work carried out by the OFII, its Territorial Directorates and partner organisations to make learning French accessible for newly arrived foreigners and to achieve their integration.

The OFII brings the Francophonie to life with its Representations abroad in French-speaking countries

The Francophonie is a space of cultural diversities with the French language as the main link of fraternal union between peoples.

The OFII is present and active in various French-speaking countries such as: Senegal, Tunisia, Cameroon, Morocco, Gabon, Haiti, Mali, and even Guinea, etc.

Didier Leschi, Director General of the OFII and Philippe Lalliot,
the French ambassador to Senegal are inaugurating the new premises
of the OFII representation in Senegal.

OFII’s representations abroad and their agents mobilised in the French-speaking countries ensure the transmission of the French language through their actions in the field.

Similarly, economic, social and environmental projects supported by OFII’s representations abroad for the reinsertion of migrants back in France, keep the French language alive and contributes to building its international influence.