Integration week: integration through employment in Savoie

On this Thursday 14 October, the territorial directorate of the OFII in Grenoble, the Departmental Directorate for Employment, Work, Solidarity and Population Protection (DDERTPP) of Savoie and volunteers from the associations of the Fédération des œuvres laïques de Savoie, Secours catholique of Chignin and Adoma were gathered to celebrate the successful integration process of three refugees:  Mr Mengstad, a 34-year-old Bangladeshi, refugee since December 2020, Mr Barai, a 32-year-old Eritrean refugee since March 2021 and Mr Saoudi, a 23-year-old Tunisian refugee since April 2021.

Their testimonies illustrate the success of integration through employment, thanks in particular to the accompaniment and support of the associations, employers and State services involved in their integration process in the Savoyard region.

Mr Mengstab, for example, obtained a work contract at the bakery La Panière, where the event was held, a few days after obtaining his refugee status.

Fatima Mezzouj, territorial director of OFII in Grenoble, and Thierry Pothet, Departmental Directorate for Employment, Work, Solidarity and Population Protection, both pointed out the importance of the collaboration between the State, employers and associations in the integration of foreigners through employment, access to rights, accommodation or language training.

To find out all about the events organised throughout the week throughout France, consult the interactive map proposed by the Minister of the Interior: Integration week, from 11 to 15 October 2021

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