In Creuse, in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, finding a job over a game of football or rugby

Qais, 22, is an Afghan refugee with a residence permit who arrived in France in 2016. He speaks French very well, but has more difficulty in writing. He would like to work in construction, electricity or bodywork. 

Areej, a young woman who arrived from Sudan in 2015 is looking for a job and is interested in plastics processing. 

Both participated in an original job dating. Indeed, on Friday 28 May in Guéret, company managers from fifteen Creuse companies looking for workers in sectors such as construction (around forty offers), security, industry, services, temporary work and agriculture took part in sports tournaments with candidates for employment. Companies such as “Plasti 23” in plastics processing, “Aquaroche” in aquarium decorations or even “new skills” for the security sector were present.

This original offer concerns legal migrants with a residence permit and monitored by OFII and young people from the region. In this way, people having difficulty finding a job due to a lack of a network or knowledge of formal codes can meet employers and exchange views with them after sports workshops.

This event is part of the OFII’s action to help beneficiaries of a Republican integration contract to find employment, by facilitating their integration while providing concrete solutions to business leaders who are short of candidates in a region in demographic decline.