Economic reintegration stories from Senegal

Each week, the OFII representation in Senegal presents on the Facebook account of the OFII in Senegal, the successful reintegration of Senegalese who have benefited from the OFII’s return and reintegration assistance.

Discover three successful returns and exits from migratory routes thanks to the positive support of the OFII for their economic and social reintegration through the creation of businesses in their country of origin.

A professional laundry

Serigne Diop GUEYE obtained a professional degree in “Management of Organisations” in an institute in Dakar, where he did two internships as an accounting assistant.

Subsequently, Mr GUEYE went to France to pursue his studies in international trade. He obtained a master’s degree in business administration and did various internships to strengthen his professional experience. He takes on a series of small jobs in the hope of finding new and more sustainable opportunities.

After four years in this unstable situation, to say the least, he hears about the OFII’s return and reintegration assistance, for which he applies.

Mr GUEYE had already identified his project idea: a professional clothes laundry. He had even found a name for it: “Pratic”.

The OFII’s reintegration assistance scheme suits him and he decides to return permanently in February 2021, his project will be validated thereafter.

With the first tranche of funding for the project, he proceeded to install a water tank for the water supply. He then bought machinery and equipment necessary for the operation.

He offers washing, drying and ironing services with high quality machines and detergent products. After three months of operation, Mr GUEYE already has more than 150 regular customers. “You don’t get tired, the service is good and Mr GUEYE is very courteous, I’m happy to ask for his services” says a customer.

GUEYE is convinced that one should always invest in what one loves, and although he works alone for the moment, he plans to hire a professional to do the ironing.

A vegetable farm

Mr SAKHANOKHO left for France in 2008 after a brief stopover in Spain. After 11 years in France, he decided to return permanently in 2019 to his native village of Soutouta (Goudiry).

For his socio-economic reintegration, Mr SAKHANOKHO presented a project to develop a market garden area to the selection committee, which included the OFII representation in Senegal.

Using his own funds, he started to fence his one-hectare field and dug a well.

With the OFII’s grant received in 2019, he continued the installations necessary for the farm, acquired a pump and built two basins for watering.

The COVID-19 pandemic halted the continuation of the development work but not his determination to succeed in his reintegration. Mr SAKHANOKHO then opted for rainfed crops, growing beans and maize and saving part of his income for the finishing work. The health situation slowed down the development of the farm and reduced the projected income. To mitigate the risks, the OFII offered him a special COVID support to face the uncertainties and difficulties related to the pandemic.

After this period, and still with the support of the OFII, Mr SAKHANOKHO has definitively started his vegetable farm. In addition to other crops, he now produces chilli, okra, aubergine and sorrel.

SAKHANOKHO sells his products at the Soutouta village market and sometimes at the Tambacounda market. He works with his son and 2 workers. He aims to use the whole area of the perimeter to maximise his production.

A food business

SY went to France in 1991 on a 6-month visa for economic reasons. During his stay, he worked for cleaning firms and building and public works companies. After thirty years in France, he decided to return voluntarily and permanently to Senegal in January 2021.

Since his return, Mr SY has settled in Goudiry with his family. His food business project was validated by the committee on 8 July 2021. He obtained the OFII’s grant to start his activities.

With the first tranche of the grant, Mr SY set up the shop in his house located in a neighbourhood near the bus station. He then bought his first stock of goods and started marketing. He manages the shop with his nephew, who helps him with supplies and marketing.

SY is off to a promising start. He is making good sales and is already planning to expand his product range once he receives the second tranche of his grant.

These successful reintegrations bear witness to the quality support offered by the OFII representation in Senegal and the positive impact of the voluntary return and reintegration assistance offered by the OFII.