Beneficiaries of temporary protection: extend your ADA rights

You are a beneficiary of the asylum seekers allowance (ADA) and your temporary residence permit (APS) is about to expire:

In order to maintain your ADA rights, you must hold a valid APS. It is your responsibility to renew your APS at the relevant Prefecture according to your place of residence. To learn about the APS renewal procedure, visit the website or go directly to the Prefecture.

Following this, to extend your rights to ADA, you must submit as soon as possible the following documents to the relevant OFII Territorial Directorate:

  • The French – Ukrainian application form for the extension of ADA rights, dated and signed;
  • The copy of the valid temporary residence permit (APS) of each adult family member;
  • The copy of statements of financial resources(payslip, employment contract, etc.) received since entering France (if applicable).

For a quick processing of your application, the documents are to be submitted preferably by email to the relevant Territorial Directorate depending on your department of residence.

They can also be submitted by mail. In case documents are sent by mail, the mention “Renouvellement ADA Ukraine” must appear on the envelope.

Be aware that: Any incomplete file will not be processed.

Find here all contact details of the territorial directorates

Find all necessary information regarding your ADA rights on the OFII leaflet available in French and Ukrainian