Beware of email, whatsapp and phone fraud

Be careful, the term “OFII” can be used fraudulently in order to steal your money.

Some malicious people claiming to be OFII officials may call you:

– To ask for personal information about your file.

– To inform you of a problem with your file.

– To ask for the payment of a processing fee.

These fraudsters put you under duress and scare you into paying them, so do not give in to the pressure.

Fraudulent phone calls

OFII never asks for monetary payments by telephone.

Scams on WhatsApp

OFII does not use WhatsApp to communicate with you. Do not reply these messages.

In any case, OFII does not ask for money transfers or payments by mobile applications or social media (WhatsAppFacebookTik TokSnapchat, etc.).

Fraudulent emails

OFII does not use GmailYahoo or Hotmail addresses, only those ending in “”.

OFII does not request money transfers or payments by email.

Useful tips for detecting fraud :

Ask the person’s name and contact details to check that they are OFII.

Never use WhatsApp to communicate with OFII.

Avoid replying to messages from private addresses (GmailYahooHotmail, etc.).

Avoid clicking on a link in a message from a sender that is not identified as