Since 1 April 2021, an experimental scheme for assisted voluntary medial return to Georgia has been in place.

It aims at the return and reintegration of Georgians from France (including family members), who are eligible for the OFII’s assisted voluntary return programme and whose state of health requires a medical care available in Georgia, during the journey and/or after their return to Georgia.

This scheme is implemented by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), with funding from the OFII. It concerns medically-assisted applicants who will travel to Georgia between 1 April 2021 and 31 March 2022. They will benefit from the coverage of their medical expenses up to 6 months after departure, within the limit of a cap, and from medical assistance, if necessary, in France, during the flight and on arrival in Georgia. 

The beneficiaries are also eligible for the reintegration programme through employment or business creation implemented by the OFII in Georgia.

Their family members (husband/wife and minor children) will be able to travel free of charge with them and benefit from assisted return, and from social reintegration assistance through employment or business creation under the usual terms of the national reintegration programme.

THE IOM is responsible for the pre-departure medical assessment and fitness to travel examination and for the organisation of the return.

An IOM return counsellor, bilingual French-Georgian is available by phone to answer any questions:

– by phone (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday – 10am/12pm – 2pm/16pm): 06 16 08 63 69

– via email: 

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