An unusual painting exhibition at the Territorial Directorate of the OFII in Toulouse

Asylum seekers and refugees exhibit their works among those of professional artists!

Giving tools and technical advice in artistic painting is the idea of an art restorer and professional trainer. With the support of associations and expert artists, all the necessary material to paint pictures was made available to asylum seekers and refugees.

This painting activity has seduced this public, who, without any knowledge in this field, has largely invested themselves. Painting on canvas has become one of their means of expression, of exteriorization but also of integration. A young Afghan refugee, trained agricultural worker, manages to sell his works today.

Through their works, they all open outwards, through exhibitions. The artists’ creations are also exhibited. In order for the viewer to be neutral, it is not indicated whether the work is produced by a professional artist, a refugee or an asylum seeker. Each exhibition is an opportunity to highlight the creativity of each individual.

The exhibition in the OFII’s territorial directorate in Toulouse is held without a vernissage due to the health context, but it allows users and OFII staff to enjoy various works of art in an unusual location.