1,000 pathways of validation of acquired experience, a beneficial scheme relaunched!

The 1,000 pathways scheme for validating acquired experience (VAE) for newcomer foreigners, launched on an experimental basis at the end of 2020 by the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Integration and the Ministry of the Interior, has been extended until 30 June 2023.   

A survey of beneficiaries’ opinions on the system showed a positive dynamic: certification times were much shorter than for a traditional course (7 months instead of 16) and access to VAE was simplified, which encouraged its relaunch.

The aim of the scheme

Facilitate the recognition of professional skills by adapting the procedure for validating the procedure for validating acquired experience.

The scheme provides for three different ways of officially validating skills:

  • obtaining a professional title, or
  • the award of one or more certificates of professional competence, or
  • recognition of professional skills

The public concerned

The scheme is aimed at newcomers who have signed a Republican Integration Contract and have one year’s work experience.

 The language level required depends on the certification and the intended occupation.

For example, the issue of a certificate of professional competence or a professional title requires the ability to draw up specific files related to the application for validation. In contrast, the language level required for the recognition of professional skills is lower.

The language levels may vary depending on how the competences are validated.

Orientation of the public by the OFII

The scheme is presented by the OFII at the half-day reception and integration event, during the individual interview, to any person who has signed the Republican Integration Contract and has at least one year’s experience abroad.

The same applies to the appointment at the end of the integration programme with an OFII officer.

Interested persons are referred by the OFII to the National Agency for Adult Vocational Training (AFPA) which manages the scheme.


Some data from the OFII’s territorial directorates

At the territorial directorate of Lyon:

In 2021, in the two experimental departments of the scheme, the Rhône and the Ain, 140 people were referred to the 1000 VAE action.

At the territorial directorate of Rouen:

9 people were referred to the AFPA in 2021

Since the beginning of this year, 17 people have joined the scheme.

At the territorial directorate of Amiens:

20 signatories of the Integration Contract have followed the course to obtain a professional title, since the beginning of the year, they are 10.