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L'office francais
de l'immigration
et de l'integration

Information for foreign nationals seeking a residence permit based on medical reasons as of January 1rst 2017.

Law no. 2016-274, dated March 7, 2016, relating to the rights of foreign nationals in France, confides the procedure regarding ill foreign nationals on French territory, to the doctors from the OFII.

Law no. 2016-274, dated March 7, 2016, relating to the rights of foreign nationals in France, modifies the procedure relating to ill foreign nationals in France. In compliance with the recommendations of a joint mission of the French “General Inspection of the administration and of the General Inspection of social affairs”, the law confides the new procedure to the doctors of the OFII, as of January first 2017, the former procedure was delegated to the doctors from the regional health agencies and to the doctor in chief at the prefecture de Police of Paris.

The new procedure confided to the medical service of the OFII starts as of January 1rst 2017.

You wish to seek from the préfecture a residence permit for reasons of health or a temporary residence permit, due to your child’s health condition.

1- First you must present yourself at the prefecture, either for a new request or for a renewal of your demand

2- You must have the medical certificate filled in by the doctor who usually treats you

The file must include :

3-1 the medical certificate

3-2 All original documents

4 Review of the medical report by the OFII

4.1 The prefect’s opinion

5- The prefect’s decision

6- Information on the file

7- Reference texts

8- Decision appointing the college of doctors from the French office for immigration and integration

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