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L'office francais
de l'immigration
et de l'integration

Return to Home Country

Role > Return to Home Country

The OFII assists foreigners :

  • who are in significant economic or social difficulty,
  • who have received a Request to Leave the Territory (Invitation à quitter le territoire - IQF) and wish to return to their home country.

The goal is to create the best possible conditions for their departure from France and their social and financial reintegration back in their home country.

Return and reintegration aid

This is intended for legal aliens and consists in :

  • support in returning home (administrative assistance with departure, financing travel expenses),
  • financial aid and follow-up of economic reintegration projects. country.

These measures have been introduced within the framework of joint-development schemes entered into between France and certain countries of origin (Mali, Senegal, Romania and Moldavia). This aid can take the form of partial financing, help during project start-up, project follow-up or partial financing of professional training.

Humanitarian Repatriation

When a foreign national in great difficulty requests repatriation to their home country, in addition to administrative assistance in organising their departure, the OFII may fund their travel expenses and provide them with financial aid.


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