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Family Members of an Alien Holding a Residence Permit for over a Year

Bringing in Your Family > Family Members of an Alien Holding a Residence Permit for over a Year

1- Conditions for Bringing the Family Members of an Alien into France

-  The applicant must maintain continuous residence in France for at least a year and hold a stay document which is valid for least a year.

-  Any family member(s) brought into the country (spouse or children under 18) must not constitute a threat to law and order, suffer from any illness appearkng in the International Health Regulations or already be in France. Please note: under the new provisions introduced under the November 26, 2003 law n° 2003-1119, the stay document of an alien who has brought a spouse or children into the country outside of the family reunification process may henceforth lead to cancellation of the stay document, following notice from the Commission des titres de séjour [stay document commission].

-  The applicant must submit proof of stable, adequate resources for supporting his family and ensuring that it is housed consistent with French standards for area and habitability. The housing must provide a total habitable area of 16 m² for a couple or two people, with 9 m² more per person, up to eight people and 5 m² per additional person over eight people. Where resources are concerned, all of the couple’s resources are taken into account, with the exception of family benefits. These resources must be equal to an amount at least equal to the monthly SMIC [minimum wage]. Their level is determined by comparison with the average SMIC over a period of twelve months.

-  The applicant must certify that the requested family reunification will not introduce a polygamous relationship into France.

2- Steps to be Taken

Applicants must submit their applications in person, in the department where the family plans to reside, at the offices of the Direction départementale des affaires sanitaires et sociales (DDASS) [local medical and social services department] or of the OFII delegation, in departments where the Agency is responsible for receiving files (Alpes Maritimes, Bouches du Rhône, Haute-Garonne, Gironde, Hérault, Ille et Vilaine, Isère, Loire, Loire-Atlantique, Meurthe et Moselle, Moselle, Nord, Bas-Rhin, Rhône, Paris, Seine-et-Marne, Yvelines, Essonne, Hauts-de-Seine, Seine Saint-Denis, Val-de-Marne, Val-d’Oise and Guyane. (link to DDASS addresses)

Once the application file is submitted, the following steps in the process take place:
-  inspection of housing conditions and checking of resources by the City Hall of the place of residence or by OFII,
-  approval or denial of the request by the Prefect,
-  payment of the fee (in case of a favorable decision)
-  pre-entry session to prepare for the arrival in France of the applicant’s family member(s) (for an explanation of the remaining administrative steps and a meeting with a specialized social worker),
-  summons of family member(s) to the French Consulate or to the OFII mission (Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco), to take care of departure formalities.

For the entire time their applications are being processed, OFII remains the applicant’s sole contact (information on progress of the process, possible requests for new documents).

3. Arrival of the Family in France

OFII is responsible for receiving the foreign family in France. The Agency performs the mandatory medical examination and invites all adult family members issued a residence permit to stay in France for the first time to enter into a Reception and Integration Contract, to make their cultural and linguistic integration easier.

Key Figures:
In 2004, 15,456 files were accepted under the family reunification program and were processed by OFII.

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