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L'office francais
de l'immigration
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W hat is the “CAI”? The accommodation and integration contract is a mutual undertaking between the Government, on the one hand, and the new migrant on the other. It has been compulsory since 1 January 2007 and is free of charge for the beneficiary. The contract is entered into for one year but may be extended for an additional year in some cases.

Concretely, the accommodation and integration contract is presented to new migrants at the half-day information session held in the OFII regional departments.

This session includes :

  • a collective information session presenting the CAI and our country through the film “Vivre ensemble, en France” (Living together in France).
  • an individual meeting in which a social interviewer from the OFII will:
    • present in greater detail the accommodation and integration contract
    • carry out an individualised diagnostic of needs
    • assess oral and written skills in French using a test set by legal order
    • if required, recommend a language course to the migrant
    • if required, refer the migrant to the social worker present at the structure
    • arrange with the migrant the dates of the various training courses and sessions (civic, language and life in France) and where applicable the certificate of exemption from language learning (AMDFL).

In return, the foreign persons undertake to respect the fundamental values of the French Republic and to attend the training sessions recommended.

Migrants' health will be assessed through a medical examination, intended as a prevention measure.

Contents of the contract

The manner in which these training sessions are run is defined by the legal order of 19 January 2007 published in the Official Bulletin of 30 January 2007. Since 1 January 2007, the OFII has been responsible for organising, financing and monitoring the training sessions and services provided under the Accommodation and Integration Contract.

Under the accommodation and integration contract, the signatory benefits from several training courses:

  • The civic training, compulsory for anyone signing the contract, is a one-day session held, in principle, in the administrative centre of the department, in an easily accessible place. It is always translated into the main languages of the home countries. The course teaches beneficiaries about the French institutions and the values of the Republic, (gender equality, secularism, compulsory and free access to education) and the political and administrative organization in France.
  • The information session about life in France, adapted to the needs of the migrant, lasts 1 hour (within the OFII) or 6 hours (session with a body chosen by the OFII). This session informs newly arrived migrants of the formalities of everyday life.
  • Language learning: during the individual meeting, the interviewer assesses oral and written proficiency in French.

If the new migrant's level is judged sufficient, a certificate of exemption from language learning (AMDFL) is granted on the same day. This document certifies their satisfactory level of French language proficiency.

If the new migrant's level is judged insufficient, he/she is referred to a language course of 400 hours maximum. After this course, beneficiaries will take an exam for the Diploma of introduction to French (DILF). The diploma certifies their satisfactory level of French language proficiency.

Compliance with the Contract

In the event of failure to respect the commitments under the contract, the Prefect may terminate it and refuse to issue or renew the first residence permit.

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